Education, interests and the team achievements make up our law firm culture at Sioufas & Colaboratorii

Splaiul Independentei 76, River Plaza Tower etaj 7At Sioufas & Colaboratorii Law Firm, we take pride in our people. Each member of our team is characterized by his/her capacity to demonstrate sound judgment, team spirit and through the desire to surpass oneself and to attain the wanted results.

Their education, interests and achievements form our firm’s culture, which is the reason why we set the bar high as far as academic and professional criteria are concerned. However, a solid legal background is merely the foundation for the best lawyers.

A sound legal preparation represents the key to becoming a successful and accomplished lawyer.

At Sioufas & Colaboratorii Law Firm, we perceive success as an indivisible whole consisted of continuous improvement, team effort and adaptability to fast paced changing environments.